.AU Second Level Release
It’s an exciting time for the Australian ccTLD, .AU, and we’ll be using this page to provide you real-time updates and information for all you need to know about what’s to come, and what you can do today in preparation.

What’s Happening
AuDA, the Registry operator for the Australian ccTLD .AU, is going to allow registrations of domains directly under the .AU extension. AuDA will open for 2nd level .AU (2ld.au) registrations on 24 March 2022.

Until now, only 3rd level .AU domains (3ld.au) were allowed for registration (e.g. domain.com.au or domain.net.au), so this is a significant change and a great opportunity for any registrants operating in Australia. At TPP Wholesale, we are actively preparing the system to support your success! We will be using our house registrar Domain Directors Pty Ltd. for the launch of 2LD.au domains.

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions below to help you find the information you need. If there is anything else you would like to see answered, let us know by submitting the FAQ form at the bottom of the page.

All names in .au (e.g. forexample.au) that match an existing name in any of the other namespaces in the registry (e.g. forexample.com.au) by March 24, 2022 00:00 UTC will be placed on hold and only made available for application by Registrants of a corresponding Third-Level .AU domain.

Priority Application period: 180 Calendar days from 24 March 2022

  • Existing registrants of a domain name in the .au registry will have 180 days to apply for their matching .au domain names
  • According to AuDA’s figures, only a small percentage of .au domains will be subject to a contention set between multiple applicants. This will mainly affect domain names based on common dictionary words and English phrases rather than typical company or business names
  • Most of the contention arises between com.au and net.au licences and many of these licences are held by the same legal entity.
  • 96% of Priority Applicants are expected to be able to register their matching .au domain name as soon as they apply.
    Until now, only 3rd level .AU domains (3ld.au) were allowed for registration (e.g. domain.com.au or domain.net.au), so this is a significant change and a great opportunity for any registrants operating in Australia. 

AuDA has divided Priority applicants in 2 categories, depending on when their Third-Level .AU domain was registered. The Second.Level .AU domains will be allocated according to the following criteria:

  • Priority category 1: Third-Level .AU Names with a creation date on or before February 4, 2018 at 23:59:59 (UTC)
  • Priority category 2: Third-Level .AU Names with a creation date after February 4, 2018 at 23:59:59 (UTC)
  • Where there are Category 1 and Category 2 applicants, Category 1 applicants have priority over Category 2 applicants
  • Where there are multiple Category 1 applicants, all Category 1 applicants must agree on the allocation. Domains for which an agreement cannot be reached, will remain reserved indefinitely, until a single applicant remains.
  • Where there are only Category 2 applicants, the name is allocated to the applicant whose Third-Level .AU domain has the earliest creation date in the .AU registry.

Eligible Priority Applicants have to exercise their priority right and actively submit an application within the 6 months of the Priority Application phase. Eligible Priority Applicants can also explicitly renounce their right to apply.

Generally speaking, the allocation of a reserved 2ld.au domain takes places once all eligible Priority Applicants have expressed their intentions.

  • When there is only one eligible Priority Applicant for a string, the domain name is immediately allocated to that Applicant.
  • Where there are multiple eligible Priority Applicant for a string, the name is allocated as soon as the contention is resolved (see question How does the Priority application process work? above for details)

Once the Priority Application phase closes, any Eligible Priority Applicants that have not submitted an application will be considered as having forfeited their Priority Right. The allocation of the domain will then take place among the Eligible Priority Applicants that have submitted their application, following the criteria described above under How does the Priority application process work?

  • Where multiple Category 1 applicants for the same name exist and the applicants are unable to reach an agreement among themselves, the matching .au name will remain reserved indefinitely. Applicants will need to renew their application for the string each year to keep their claim active. Should only one active application remain, the domain will be assigned to that Applicant.
  • Category 2 contention sets will be resolved by assigning the domain to the Applicant with the oldest Third-Level Domain.
  • Any remaining unallocated names will be made available at the end of the application period. AuDA will announce the time of day when the unallocated names can be registered.

If neither the Category 1 or Category 2 is taken of the domain name you want, then we recommend you register it today in the 3ld.au as this will give you a priority right as a Category 2 applicant.

We are open now for pre registration and the general public will be open from the 24th March 2022

Sure there is plenty information to review, please take a look at the governing body of Australian Domain names as follows .au direct | auDA

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Have questions or would like us to manage the domain process for you let us know